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Lighted Signs
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Manhattan Lighted Signs

There is a way to outshine your competitors in terms of physical visibility as a business. Get top-quality Manhattan lighted signs now from a leading signage company, The Signary New York!

custom illuminated channel letters

The kinds of lighted signs available in the market are endless. You can get them in virtually any size, color, design, or sign type you want. There are universal illumination types like backlighting that can be used by any kind of business. On the other hand, there are lighted signs that are ideal for businesses of a certain type or size, such as exit signs and point-of-purchase signs.

The Signary New York is here to provide you with every lighted sign that you need along with every accessory and service required to set them up. From lighted logos to LED digital signs, we guarantee that you’ll get them all in peak condition.

All we need from you is the important information about your business. Let us hear your budget, schedule, design preferences, creative vision, and other details, and we’ll handle the entire project with expert efficiency.

Call The Signary New York today at (646) 904-5190 for your Free Consultation with a Manhattan Lighted Sign specialist!

Traditional Neon Signs

Everyone knows about the special appeal that neon light signs give off.

custom neon signThe only problem with them is that they are very expensive in terms of initial purchase and cost-efficiency. Neon signs have considerably high initial costs, energy costs, maintenance costs, and even environmental damage.

If you want the look of neon lights without all these costs, you can never go wrong with LED signage. You get the exact allure that neon signs give out without all the extravagant expenses! Get them at the best deals at The Signary New York.

Lighted LED Signs

The Signary New York‘s highly efficient yet low-cost LED signs offer the unique attractiveness of retro neon signs without all the negative effects on your budget and the environment.

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersFurthermore, the usefulness of LED signage is not confined to imitating neon signs. They are also popular as lighting tools for other sign types like cabinet signs and channel letters.

Additionally, businesses that run until the night, like hotels, gas stations, clubs, restaurants, and convenience stores, are known to be common clients of LED lighted signage.

We are here to deliver every LED sign product that you need for all purposes!

Indoor Lighted Signs

A great thing about lighted signage is that they are not just useful when used outside. There are also plenty of ways to use them indoors.

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignMore commonly, indoor lighted signs are used in the form of entrance and exit signs for establishments like theatres, cinemas, and hotels. Restaurants can use them as order/pickup stations. Retail shops can have lighted signs to highlight the special offers that they have.

If you have a specific goal that you want to achieve, we can find the best lighted sign type for you.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

If you’re looking for a game-changing enhancement to your promotional tools, our programmable lighted signs may be the best choice you can make.

Dairy Queen Pylon SignThese high-tech screens are very attractive and attention-grabbing. But the main benefit you can get from them is that the content they display can be edited on a whim using special software. So if you have a new product, if there are new offers for a new season, or if you just want to change your message, you can do it easily with these digital message centers.

These signs are available as standalone screens. But they can also be installed to another sign type, such as a pylon sign or a monument sign. They also have a lot of available design variations perfect for every unique design that you prefer.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

The Signary New York is a top-notch signage company capable of providing every service needed to bring our Manhattan lighted signs to your business area.

Manhattan Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225From designing and project planning to installation and manufacturing, we got everything you need from the signage industry. We also offer products beyond lighted signs, including ADA signage, special logo signs, lobby signs, yard signs, commercial banners, and vehicle wraps.

Furthermore, we also offer support services, such as expert recommendations for whenever you feel overwhelmed with the many choices you have to make as well as helping you qualify for any legal requirements on setting up signage in your business building. You won’t have to look for another company to provide the service that you need. You can get them all at The Signary New York!

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

Manhattan Lighted Signs The Signary Logo 300x124If you have any questions and concerns, just give us a call and enjoy our free consultation. Let The Signary New York be your partner in helping you stand out, shining as a business with high-quality Manhattan, NY lighted signs!

Call The Signary New York today at (646) 904-5190 for your Free Consultation with a Manhattan Lighted Sign specialist!